23 Sep

CAS Project Part Deux:
As a director in Octagon, it’s my responsibility to assist in all of our activites. We do a lot of activites. Most recently, our club hosted a blood drive through San Diego Blood Bank. Our goal was to receive 30 pints, we got 35! WIN! I’m not yet old enough to donate blood, which is really disappointing because ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to donate. January 29, 2012! That’s when I can officially donate! Whenever I volunteer for these types of things, I feel like I’m making a difference. Yes, I know it’s cliche. Whatever, I love helping through the process. Their blood saves lives, and I’m kind of a part of it.
I’ve been a part of Octagon for a few years now, and this past July I finally got to attend the Junior Optimist Octagon International Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. It was pretty awesome, though the humidity was quite ridiculous. We got to meet Octagon members from all over the country and the world which is absolutely amazing hearing what they’re all doing within their own clubs. I think it also gave us Bonita kids a lot of ideas for the coming years, it makes me super excited about the coming year. Let’s go!


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