23 Sep

So, here I am finally starting my “journal” describing what I’m doing for my CAS hours. Currently, I’m involved in Varsity Field Hockey! Woot woot!

Let’s try and summarize what’s been going on the last few months in the sport. Wish me luck!

First off, this was a difficult week. I did not feel confident at all in my abilities to play well. We ran the mile this week as well, I was absolutely not satisfied with my time. Mind you, I have asthma, but it was no excuse.
Secondly, I was going through some personal troubles too. Most of them, I still haven’t quite figured out, but I’m working on it.
Thirdly, I did not expect to make varsity, partially because I didn’t play well and mostly because I was being pessimistic.

However, when Friday rolled around, Mailyn, Debbie, Sam, and Sabrina awoke me at around 4 am to let me know I was going to be a part of the varsity team. I was extremely happy. I can’t even describe how happy I was that they thought I was good enough to be rolling with the big guns.

I can’t really differentiate what happened in August or September, except for the past few weeks but I’ll do my best. We had two scrimmages, one we lost, one we won. We maintained confidence, I think as a team, however. I think as a team, our biggest problems are mental. We get too cocky or we don’t believe in ourselves as much as we should, but I know we have the skill. We just need to make it work.

Whether it was August or September, I had an asthma attack at practice. That was fun. Debbie saved my life, figuratively. She calmed me down and helped me to be able to concentrate on breathing instead of just panicking because I wasn’t able to. This little occurrence was the day before our first game, so I kind of sat myself out of that one. Mr. Schultz was our “coach” for this game as well, because our usual coach got suspended for a game. We won! Against Granite Hills, I believe.
We had a tournament two weeks ago at Otay, I didn’t play much in many of the games. The last one, I went in and played forward though! I usually play defense, so it was quite a change. We ended up doing well so we got to play again the next week. I didn’t play much in those games either, which is unfortunate.
I had a conversation with our coach after not playing much in many of the games. I felt much better about my position on the team, though I still feel like I don’t yet belong. The last few games, I’ve gotten to play more and when I’m in, I feel fairly confident in how I play which is quite a change from the first few weeks.
Next up is break, I’ll be in town the first week, but the second one, I think my family is going on vacation. We will see, we’ve got two games each week, hopefully enough girls will show up to each one.

In conclusion, I was probably rambling the entire time. I sincerely hope it made sense.
Regarding field hockey, I’m extremely confident that our team can win the league title and make it playoffs.


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